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Previous MeetingSeptember 15, 2015 07:06 PM
Ross Valley SD - Tel. 415.454.2162
Wade Thomas Elementary School, Library
150 Ross Avenue, San Anselmo, CA 94960


Preliminary Information

Open Session: 7:00pm  

Meeting Protocols and Information

  • Time Allocations:  Times indicated for items on the agenda are approximate.  Actual time when an agenda item is taken up and considered may be different.
  • Consent Agenda Procedure:  All items are approved by a single action.  Any member of the Board may remove an item from the Consent Agenda for separate discussion.
  • Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities:  Assistance will be provided to those requiring accommodations for disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Interested persons must request accommodations at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting by contacting the Superintendent's Office at:  Ross Valley School District Office, 110 Shaw Drive, San Anselmo, CA 94960. Phone: 415-454-2162, Fax: 415-453-3152.
  • Agenda and Supporting Documents:  A copy of the Agenda and all back-up documentation can be downloaded from CSBA Agenda On-Line Web-site (  Information is also available at the District Office 72 hours prior to the meeting. Supporting documents/writings related to a Board meeting agenda item that are distributed to at least a majority of Board members less than 72 hours before a noticed meeting, and that are public records not otherwise exempt from disclosure, will be available for inspection at the District office, 110 Shaw Drive, San Anselmo, California 94960. Such documents/writings may also be available on the District’s website. (Government Code 54957.5 (b)).
  • Public Comments:  Currently the Board of Trustees hears public comments in two ways.  The first is through "Announcements and Communication" (Agenda Section B), which is intended for public comments on items not on the current agenda.  The second is through public comments on posted agenda items, which will be announced by the Board President before a vote on each item is taken. 
    • Purpose: The purpose of public comments is to permit any person in the audience to make a statement to the Board of Trustees.
    • Protocol: Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes for their communication, unless the Board deems otherwise.  The Board President will conclude public comments after a reasonable length of time and proceed with the agenda.   In order for the Board and everyone in attendance to benefit from public comments, the Board requests that each speaker state his/her name and affiliation with the district (e.g.  principal, parent, student or community member).  
    • Questions:  The Board and staff welcome but cannot answer direct questions from the public or engage in conversations with the public during Board meetings.  Please forward all questions via email to the Superintendent (Dr. Rick E. Bagley, at or Board President (Ms. Anne Capron, at
    • Items Not On the Agenda: The Board permits public comments on items not on the agenda, but pertaining to the school district, if appropriate, and not an impediment to the efficiency and orderliness of the meeting.  No Board action shall be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda.
    • Board Response: The Brown Act prohibits Board discussion and deliberation on topics that are not on the publish agenda.
    • Concerns Regarding District Employees:  Concerns about individual employees shall not be discussed in public at school meetings.  Please contact the immediate supervisor (principal, administrator, superintendent) directly.



(D) Discussion Item
(V) Can Vote
(C) Consent Item
Unfold A.  CALL TO ORDER (Approx. 5 mins.)   
1. Pledge of Allegiance     
2. Approval of Agenda and Time Allocations      (D)  (V)  
Unfold B.  ANNOUNCEMENTS & COMMUNICATION (Approx. 20 mins.)   
1. Public Comment Regarding Items Not On the Agenda (Approx. 15 mins.)      (D)  
2. Board Member Announcements (Approx. 5 mins.)      (D)  
Unfold C.  PRESENTATION/ACTION ITEMS (Approx. 1 hr. 15 mins.)   
1. Approval of the 2014 Annual Report of the 2010 Bond Measure "A" Citizens' Oversight Committee (Approximately 15 mins.)      (D)  (V)  
2. Ratify Unaudited Actuals Financial Report for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year (Approx. 30 mins.)      (D)  (V)  
3. Approval of Resolution #03-15-16 to Adopt the "Gann" Limit (Approx. 10 mins.)      (D)  (V)  
4. Approval of Resolution #02-15-16 In Support Of The Global Book Exchange (Approx. 10 mins.)      (D)  (V)  
5. Receive for First Reading and Adoption Revised/Updated Ross Valley School District Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Exhibits in Accordance with CSBA's July Updates (All Series) (Approx. 10 mins.)      (D)  (V)  
Unfold D.  CONSENT CALENDAR: (Approx. 5 mins. for All Consent Items)   
1. Approval of Personnel Actions (Human Resources)      (V)  (C)  
2. Warrant Summary Report for May, June, July, and August 2015 (Business)      (V)  (C)  
3. Approval of Annual Membership Dues for the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) for the Assistant Superintendent and Director of Student Services (Superintendent)      (V)  (C)  
4. Approval of Annual Membership Dues for California School Business Officials - CASBO (Superintendent)      (V)  (C)  
5. Ratify District Contracts Under and Over $15,000 (Business)      (V)  (C)  
Unfold E.  BOARD BUSINESS (Approx. 15 mins.)   
1. Approval of Minutes for September 1, 2015 (Approx. 5 mins.)         (D)  (V)  
2. Sub-Committee Updates/Reports from Trustees (Approx. 10 mins.)      (D)  
Unfold F.  SUPERINTENDENT/CABINET REPORT (Approx. 15 mins.)   
1. Updates         
  a.  Marin Transit Bus Service Update (Midge Hoffman/Teri Louer)
b.  BP/AR/E 1240 Regarding Volunteers (Rick Bagley)
c.  Enrollment Update (Marci Trahan/Rick Bagley)
d.  Instructional Minutes (Rick Bagley/Teri Louer)
e.  CAASPP Scores for 2014-15 (Rick Bagley/Teri Louer)
f.   BoardDocs (Rick Bagley)
Unfold G.  MEETING REVIEW (Approx. 10 mins.)   
1. Future Board Topics and Board Direction      (D)  (V)  
2. Meeting Debrief      (D)  
3. If applicable, motion to continue the meeting past 10:30pm      (D)  (V)  
1. Approved Meeting Minutes     
  Approved on October 6, 2015



 (Approved by the Board of Trustees on 10/28/14)

  • Goal 1: Every student in RVSD will have access to high quality teaching and learning.
  • Goal 2: Create teaching and learning environments that foster highly engaged and joyful learners.
  • Goal 3: Make commitments to stakeholders and work collaboratively to keep them.


Other Info

 Official Attendees

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